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Python Basics Course

Target audience: Beginners with little or no programming experience

  • 95 British pounds
  • Zoom

Service Description

Uncover Python's Magic: Begin your coding journey with our two-hour "Python Basics" training course. Whether you're a curious student or an aspiring developer, Python is your gateway to a world of possibilities. In the "Getting Started with Python" module, you will grasp the fundamentals of Python and harness its power using Google Colab. With hands-on exercises, you'll write your first Python programs, manipulate data, and explore data structures like lists, tuples, and dictionaries. Gain the confidence to command Python and shape solutions for real-world challenges Course Highlights: Craft code like a pro with Python's versatility. Dive into basic data types, arithmetic operations, and code commenting. Understand the core data structures and their operations. Learn to assign variables, take user input, and produce meaningful output. Gain control over your code with conditional statements, logical operators, and loops. Discover the art of defining and calling functions while managing variable scope. With expert guidance, hands-on practice, and a certificate of completion, you will be well-prepared to embark on your coding journey and explore Python's endless applications. Join us today and unlock the world of Python! Why Choose Our Python Basics Course? Structured Learning: Our course follows a meticulously designed outline, ensuring you build a strong foundation in Python programming. Expert Instructors: Learn from industry experts who have a passion for teaching and a wealth of real-world experience. Hands-On Experience: Put your knowledge to the test with hands-on exercises that reinforce your skills. Flexible Learning: Access the course from anywhere, and learn at your own pace – Python waits for no one! Valuable Certification: Earn a certificate of completion to showcase your Python proficiency.

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