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Navigate the complexities of cybersecurity with Kris Hermans' definitive guide to the NIST Framework.


The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Framework is a crucial tool for managing and reducing cybersecurity risks in today's digital landscape. In "Mastering NIST Framework", Kris Hermans, a leading expert in cybersecurity and resilience, provides a comprehensive guide to understanding, implementing, and auditing this vital framework.

Mastering the NIST framework

  • 1. Introduction to the NIST Framework

    • What is the NIST Framework? 
    • Purpose and Goals 
    • The Importance of Cybersecurity 
    • Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape

    2. Components of the NIST Framework

    • The Core Functions
    • Identify
    • Protect
    • Detect
    • Respond
    • Recover
    • The Framework Implementation Tiers
    • The Framework Profile

    3. Implementing the NIST Framework

    • Understanding Your Organization's Risk
    • Developing a Framework Profile
    • Establishing a Risk Management Process
    • Integrating the Framework into Your Organization
    • Continuous Improvement

    4. Best Practices for Using the NIST Framework

    • Building a Security Culture
    • Communication and Collaboration
    • Risk Management and Assessment
    • Incident Response Planning
    • Ongoing Monitoring and Improvement

    5. NIST Framework and Compliance

    • Regulatory Requirements
    • Framework Alignment with Other Standards
    • Auditing and Assurance

    6. Case Studies: Successful NIST Framework Implementations

    • Healthcare Sector
    • Financial Services Sector
    • Energy Sector
    • Manufacturing Sector
    • Public Sector

    7. Future Developments and Challenges

    • Emerging Technologies
    • Evolving Threat Landscape
    • International Collaboration
    • Workforce Development

    8. Conclusion

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