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Unveil the Frontiers of Robotic Innovation and Implementation


In the realm of cutting-edge technology, robotics stands as a beacon of innovation with the potential to revolutionize industries and daily life. "Mastering Robotics" is your comprehensive guide to understanding and harnessing the power of robotics—a transformative field that spans science, engineering, and creativity.


About the Book:


As the boundaries of human achievement expand, robotics emerges as a dynamic field with diverse applications. "Mastering Robotics" offers a deep exploration of robotics technology—a cornerstone of modern automation and innovation. This book caters to both newcomers and experienced enthusiasts seeking to excel in robotics design, development, and deployment.

Mastering Robotics

  • 1.Introduction to Robotics
    1.1.The Significance of Robotics
    1.2.A Brief History of Robotics
    1.3.Robotics in Today's World
    2.Robot Components and Mechanics
    2.1.Understanding Robot Components
    2.2.Exploring Robot Mechanisms
    2.3.Kinematics and Dynamics of Robots
    3.Designing Robots
    3.1.Building Blocks of Robot Design
    3.2.Manipulators and Grippers
    3.3.Mobility Systems and Power Sources
    4.Sensors and Perception in Robotics
    4.1.Sensor Technologies for Robots
    4.2.Vision Sensors and Computer Vision
    4.3.Implementing Environmental Perception
    5.Robot Control and Programming
    5.1.Fundamentals of Robot Control
    5.2.Programming Languages for Robotics
    5.3.Debugging and Testing Robot Programs
    6.Robot Locomotion and Navigation
    6.1.Robot Mobility Techniques
    6.2.Kinematic Models and Gait Patterns
    6.3.Navigation and Path Planning
    7.Robot Learning and Intelligence
    7.1.Machine Learning in Robotics
    7.2.Human-Robot Interaction
    7.3.Learning from Demonstration (LfD)
    8.Industrial Robotics
    8.1.Robotics in Manufacturing
    8.2.Collaborative Robots (Cobots)
    8.3.Robot Safety and Standards
    9.Medical and Healthcare Robotics
    9.1.Robots in Surgical Procedures
    9.2.Assistive and Rehabilitation Robots
    9.3.Robotic Technologies in Healthcare
    10.Robotic Exploration and Space
    10.1.Robots in Space Exploration
    10.2.Autonomous Robots in Extreme Environments
    11.Emerging Frontiers and Trends
    11.1.Swarm Robotics
    11.2.Bio-inspired Robotics
    11.3.Robotics in AI and Industry 4.0
    12.1.Robotics Resources and Toolkits
    12.2.Glossary of Robotics Terminology
    12.3.Sample Robot Projects and Exercises
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