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In an increasingly competitive and regulated business landscape, organizations around the world strive to uphold the highest standards of quality and compliance. The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) framework provides a globally recognized roadmap for achieving excellence in various domains, from quality management to environmental sustainability. "Mastering ISO Auditing" is a comprehensive guide that equips readers with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the intricacies of ISO standards and effectively conduct audits that drive continuous improvement.

This authoritative book, authored by seasoned experts in quality management and compliance, provides a practical and insightful approach to mastering ISO auditing. Whether you're a quality professional, an auditor, a manager, or a C-level executive, this guide empowers you to unlock the full potential of ISO standards, ensuring organizational success through rigorous audits that enhance quality, efficiency, and compliance.

Mastering ISO auditing

  • 1.Introduction to ISO Auditing
    1.1.Understanding ISO Standards and Certification
    1.2.The Importance of ISO Auditing in Business
    1.3.Role of ISO Auditors in Quality Management
    2.ISO 9001 Quality Management System Auditing
    2.1.Overview of ISO 9001:2015 Standard
    2.2.Auditing Quality Management Principles
    2.3.Conducting ISO 9001 Internal Audits
    3.ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Auditing
    3.1.Understanding ISO 14001:2015 Standard
    3.2.Auditing Environmental Performance and Compliance
    3.3.Implementing ISO 14001 Audit Findings
    4.ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Auditing
    4.1.Overview of ISO 45001:2018 Standard
    4.2.Auditing Occupational Health and Safety Practices
    4.3.Enhancing Workplace Safety Through ISO 45001 Audits
    5.ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Auditing
    5.1.Introduction to ISO 27001:2013 Standard
    5.2.Auditing Information Security Controls
    5.3.Evaluating ISO 27001 Compliance and Risk Management
    6.ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Auditing
    6.1.Understanding ISO 22000:2018 Standard
    6.2.Auditing Food Safety Practices and Hygiene
    6.3.Ensuring Compliance with ISO 22000 Requirements
    7.ISO 50001 Energy Management System Auditing
    7.1.Overview of ISO 50001:2018 Standard
    7.2.Auditing Energy Performance and Efficiency
    7.3.Implementing ISO 50001 Audit Recommendations
    8.ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management Auditing
    8.1.Understanding ISO 22301:2019 Standard
    8.2.Auditing Business Continuity Plans and Resilience
    8.3.Enhancing Organizational Resilience Through ISO 22301 Audits
    9.ISO 20000 IT Service Management Auditing
    9.1.Introduction to ISO 20000:2018 Standard
    9.2.Auditing IT Service Delivery and Performance
    9.3.Evaluating ISO 20000 Compliance and IT Governance
    10.ISO 13485 Medical Devices Quality Management Auditing
    10.1.Overview of ISO 13485:2016 Standard
    10.2.Auditing Medical Device Quality and Safety
    10.3.Ensuring Compliance with ISO 13485 Requirements
    11.ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Auditing
    11.1.Understanding ISO 10002:2018 Standard
    11.2.Auditing Customer Complaint Handling and Feedback
    11.3.Improving Customer Satisfaction Through ISO 10002 Audits
    12.ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Auditing
    12.1.Overview of ISO 26000:2010 Standard
    12.2.Auditing Social Responsibility Practices
    12.3.Integrating Social Responsibility into Organizational Culture
    13.ISO 31000 Risk Management Auditing
    13.1.Introduction to ISO 31000:2018 Standard
    13.2.Auditing Risk Identification and Assessment
    13.3.Enhancing Risk Management Through ISO 31000 Audits
    14.ISO 17025 Laboratory Quality Management Auditing
    14.1.Understanding ISO 17025:2017 Standard
    14.2.Auditing Laboratory Competence and Calibration
    14.3.Ensuring Compliance with ISO 17025 Requirements
    15.ISO Auditing Techniques and Best Practices
    15.1.Conducting Effective ISO Audits
    15.2.Data Analysis and Reporting in ISO Auditing
    15.3.Overcoming Challenges and Continual Improvement
    16.1.ISO Audit Checklists and Templates
    16.2.Glossary of ISO Auditing Terms
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