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"Mastering ISO 55001:2014" is your definitive guide to navigating the intricacies of the International Standard for Asset Management. This comprehensive book empowers asset managers, engineers, and decision-makers to excel in the field of asset management by harnessing the principles laid out in ISO 55001:2014. From understanding asset life cycles and risk assessments to optimizing maintenance strategies and enhancing asset performance, this resource covers every aspect of effective asset management. With real-world case studies and practical insights, readers will gain the expertise needed to align their organizations with best practices and international standards. Join us on this transformative journey to elevate your asset management practices and drive sustainable value and efficiency across your operations. Let "Mastering ISO 55001:2014" be your catalyst for excellence in the realm of asset management.

Mastering ISO 55001:2014

  • 1.Introduction to ISO 55001
    1.1.Understanding Asset Management
    1.2.History and Evolution of ISO 55001
    1.3.Benefits of Implementing ISO 55001
    1.4.Overview of the Book

    2.ISO 55001 Principles and Concepts
    2.1.The High-Level Structure of ISO 55001
    2.2.Asset Management Policy and Objectives
    2.3.Risk Management in ISO 55001
    2.4.Life Cycle Perspective in Asset Management

    3.Scope and Application of ISO 55001
    3.1.Defining the Scope of Asset Management
    3.2.Applicability of ISO 55001
    3.3.Integration with Other Management Systems
    3.4.Compliance and Certification Considerations

    4.Leadership and Organizational Context
    4.1.Leadership and Commitment in Asset Management
    4.2.Establishing an Asset Management System
    4.3.Roles and Responsibilities in Asset Management
    4.4.Organizational Context and External Influences

    5.Planning for Asset Management
    5.1.Risk Assessment and Management Planning
    5.2.Asset Management Planning Process
    5.3.Performance Evaluation and Improvement Planning
    5.4.Continual Improvement and Asset Management Objectives

    6.Asset Management Support
    6.1.Resource Management in Asset Management
    6.2.Competence, Awareness, and Training
    6.3.Communication and Information Management
    6.4.Documented Information in ISO 55001

    7.Asset Management Operations
    7.1.Operational Planning and Control
    7.2.Management of Change in Asset Management
    7.3.Asset Management Performance Monitoring
    7.4.Maintenance and Inspection Practices

    8.Performance Evaluation and Improvement
    8.1.Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis, and Evaluation
    8.2.Internal Audits in Asset Management
    8.3.Management Review in ISO 55001
    8.4.Non-Conformity Management and Corrective Actions

    9.Lifecycle Management and Decision Making
    9.1.Lifecycle Asset Management Processes
    9.2.Information and Knowledge Management
    9.3.Decision Making in Asset Management
    9.4.Asset Retirement and Disposal

    10.Integration and Continuous Improvement
    10.1.Integrating ISO 55001 with Other Management Systems
    10.2.Stakeholder Engagement and Asset Management
    10.3.Driving Continuous Improvement in Asset Management
    10.4.Emerging Trends and Future Outlook

    11.1.ISO 55001:2014 Standard components
    11.2.Glossary of Terms
    11.3.Asset Management Frameworks and Models
    11.4.Case Studies and Examples
    11.5.About the author

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