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Take a deep dive into the world of business continuity management with Kris Hermans' definitive guide to ISO 22301:2019.


ISO 22301:2019, the international standard for business continuity management systems, is a critical tool for organizations aiming to enhance resilience and navigate unexpected disruptions. In "Mastering ISO 22301:2019", Kris Hermans, a leading expert in business resilience, provides a comprehensive guide to understanding, implementing, and auditing this crucial standard.

Mastering ISO 22301:2019

  • 1.Introduction

    • The Importance of Business Continuity Management
    • Understanding ISO 22301:2019
    • The Benefits of Implementing ISO 22301:2019

    2. Foundations of ISO 22301:2019

    • Key Principles and Concepts
    • ISO 22301:2019 Terminology
    • The Process Approach and PDCA Cycle
    • The High-Level Structure of ISO 22301:2019

    3. Preparing for Implementation

    • Assessing Your Organization's Readiness
    • Developing an Implementation Strategy
    • Building a Business Continuity Management Team
    • Communication and Awareness Training

    4. Implementing ISO 22301:2019: The Core Elements

    • Context of the Organization
    • Understanding Needs and Expectations
    • Establishing the Scope of the BCMS
    • The Business Continuity Policy
    • Roles, Responsibilities, and Authorities
    • Planning a Business Continuity Management System
    • Risk Assessment and Risk Treatment
    • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
    • Business Continuity Strategies and Solutions
    • Developing and Implementing a Business Continuity Plan
    • Incident Response Structure and Plan
    • Training, Testing, and Exercising
    • Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis, and Evaluation
    • Internal Audit and Management Review
    • Continual Improvement

    5. Achieving and Maintaining Certification

    • Preparing for the Certification Audit
    • The Certification Process
    • Maintaining and Improving Your BCMS
    • Recertification and Surveillance Audits

    6. Case Studies and Best Practices 31.

    • Case Study 1: A Manufacturing Company
    • Case Study 2: A Financial Institution
    • Case Study 3: A Healthcare Organization
    • Case Study 4: A Government Agency
    • Best Practices for Effective Implementation

    7. Conclusion

    • The Future of Business Continuity Management
    • Next Steps for Your Organization

    8. Appendices

    • Appendix B: Glossary of terms
    • Appendix B: ISO 22301:2019 Clause Mapping
    • Appendix C: Sample Business Continuity Policy
    • Appendix D: Sample Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Template
    • Appendix E: Sample Risk Assessment Template
    • Appendix F: Sample Incident Response Plan
    • Appendix G: Sample Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Template
    • Appendix H: Audit Preparation Checklist
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