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In today's technologically advanced world, the convergence of hacking and artificial intelligence presents both unprecedented challenges and incredible opportunities. "Mastering Hacking with AI" provides you with a deep understanding of how AI can be leveraged in ethical hacking, giving you a competitive edge in cybersecurity. Authored by renowned expert Kris Hermans, this definitive guide covers the core principles of AI, machine learning, and their application to hacking scenarios.

With "Mastering Hacking with AI" as your guide, you'll gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to leverage the power of AI for ethical hacking purposes. Unlock the potential of AI techniques to identify vulnerabilities, automate penetration testing, and enhance threat intelligence. Pre-order your copy today and embark on the path to mastering the cutting-edge fusion of hacking and AI.

Mastering hacking with AI

  • 1.Introduction
    1.1.Definition of AI and Ethical Hacking
    1.2.Importance of AI in Ethical Hacking

    2.Basics of AI
    2.1.Understanding Machine Learning
    2.2.Deep Learning and Neural Networks
    2.3.Natural Language Processing

    3.Basics of Ethical Hacking
    3.1.What is Ethical Hacking?
    3.2.Types of Ethical Hacking
    3.3.Ethical Hacking Terminology

    4.Application of AI in Cybersecurity
    4.1.Threat Detection
    4.2.Predictive Analytics
    4.3.Incident Response
    4.4.User Behaviour Analytics

    5.AI for Vulnerability Assessment
    5.1.Understanding Vulnerabilities
    5.2.AI in Vulnerability Scanning
    5.3.Case Studies

    6.AI for Intrusion Detection Systems
    6.1.Traditional Intrusion Detection Systems
    6.2.AI-enhanced Intrusion Detection Systems

    7.AI for Phishing Detection and Prevention
    7.1.Understanding Phishing
    7.2.AI Techniques for Phishing Detection
    7.3.AI for Phishing Prevention

    8.AI for Malware Detection and Analysis
    8.1.The Role of AI in Malware Detection
    8.2.Malware Analysis using AI

    9.Future of AI in Ethical Hacking
    9.1.Predictive Capabilities
    9.2.Automated Security
    9.3.Challenges and Limitations

    10.Ethical Considerations when using AI in Hacking
    10.1.Privacy Concerns
    10.2.Legal Boundaries
    10.3.Unintended Consequences

    11.About the author

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