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Mastering Groovy - Unleash the Power of Dynamic and Versatile Scripting


Welcome to the definitive guide that will empower you to become a Groovy virtuoso, unlocking the true potential of this dynamic and versatile scripting language. "Mastering Groovy" is your comprehensive companion on the journey to becoming a proficient Groovy developer, enabling you to build powerful and efficient applications.

Mastering GROOVY

  • Introduction

    1.Getting Started with Groovy
    1.1.Introduction to Groovy
    1.2.Installing Groovy
    1.3.Hello World in Groovy
    1.4.Variables and Data Types
    1.5.Operators and Expressions
    1.6.Control Structures
    1.7.Functions and Closures
    1.8.Collections and Iteration
    1.9.Working with Strings

    2.Object-Oriented Programming in Groovy
    2.1.Introduction to OOP in Groovy
    2.2.Classes and Objects
    2.3.Constructors and Destructors
    2.4.Inheritance and Polymorphism
    2.5.Interfaces and Abstract Classes
    2.6.Metaprogramming in Groovy
    2.7.Groovy DSLs (Domain-Specific Languages)

    3.Advanced Groovy Features
    3.1.Working with Closures
    3.2.Dynamic Typing and Type Inference
    3.3.Operator Overloading
    3.4.Groovy Categories and Mixins
    3.5.AST Transformations
    3.6.Concurrency and Parallelism

    4.Groovy and Java Integration
    4.1.Interoperability with Java
    4.2.Using Java Libraries in Groovy
    4.3.Creating Groovy Libraries for Java
    4.4.Groovy and Java Data Exchange
    4.5.Groovy for Android Development

    5.Functional Programming with Groovy
    5.1.Functional Programming Concepts
    5.2.Higher-Order Functions
    5.3.Working with Closures and Currying
    5.4.Functional Collections
    5.5.Functional Error Handling
    5.6.Asynchronous Programming

    6.Grails - The Groovy Web Framework
    6.1.Introduction to Grails
    6.2.Setting Up a Grails Project
    6.3.Grails Controllers and Views
    6.4.GORM - Grails Object-Relational Mapping
    6.5.Grails Services and Dependency Injection
    6.6.Building RESTful APIs with Grails
    6.7.Grails Security and Authentication

    7.Testing and Debugging Groovy Applications
    7.1.Writing Unit Tests with Spock
    7.2.Mocking and Stubbing in Groovy Tests
    7.3.Behavioral Testing with Geb
    7.4.Debugging Groovy Code
    7.5.Continuous Integration and Deployment

    8.Groovy Scripting and Automation
    8.1.Writing Groovy Scripts
    8.2.Automating Tasks with Groovy
    8.3.Building CLI (Command-Line Interface) Tools
    8.4.Groovy for DevOps and System Administration
    8.5.Building Plugins for Popular Tools

    9.Database and Data Processing with Groovy
    9.1.Working with Relational Databases
    9.2.NoSQL Databases and Groovy
    9.3.Data Processing and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)
    9.4.Groovy and Big Data Technologies
    9.5.Data Visualization with Groovy

    10.Groovy Best Practices and Performance Optimization
    10.1.Writing Clean and Maintainable Groovy Code
    10.2.Performance Tuning and Optimization
    10.3.Memory Management and Efficiency
    10.4.Profiling Groovy Applications
    10.5.Security Best Practices

    11.Groovy in the Real World
    11.1.Groovy for Web Development
    11.2.Groovy for Mobile App Development
    11.3.Groovy in IoT (Internet of Things)
    11.4.Groovy for Data Science and Analytics
    11.5.Groovy in Enterprise Applications

    12.1.Groovy Syntax Cheat Sheet
    12.2.Glossary of Terms
    12.3.Recommended Resources
    12.4.About the author

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