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Unleash the Power of Distributed Streaming Platform for Real-Time Data


Are you ready to delve into the realm of distributed streaming and real-time data processing with Apache Kafka? "Mastering Apache Kafka" is your definitive guide to harnessing the full potential of this cutting-edge platform for building scalable, fault-tolerant, and high-performance data pipelines. Whether you're a data engineer looking to optimize data flows or a software architect aiming to build robust event-driven systems, this book equips you with the knowledge and tools to master the art of Kafka-based data streaming.

Mastering Apache Kafka

  • 1.Introduction to Apache Kafka
    1.1.What is Apache Kafka?
    1.2.Importance of Kafka
    1.3.Kafka Use Cases
    1.4.Kafka Architecture Overview
    2.Kafka Fundamentals
    2.1.Topics, Partitions, and Brokers
    2.2.Producers and Consumers
    2.3.Message Structure
    2.4.Kafka APIs
    3.Installing and Configuring Kafka
    3.1.Downloading Kafka
    3.2.Setting Up Kafka Cluster
    3.3.Configuration Files
    3.4.Important Parameters
    4.Kafka Producer Deep Dive
    4.1.Producer Configuration
    4.2.Synchronous and Asynchronous Producers
    4.3.Message Serialization
    4.4.Message Partitioning
    5.Kafka Consumer Deep Dive
    5.1.Consumer Groups and Parallelism
    5.2.Consumer Offsets and Commit Strategies
    5.3.Handling Message Processing Errors
    5.4.Rebalancing and Consumer Lag
    6.Advanced Producer and Consumer Concepts
    6.1.Custom Producers: Idempotent, Transactional, and Exactly Once Semantics
    6.2.Consumer Seek and Assign
    6.3.Offset Management
    7.Kafka Streams
    7.1.Introduction to Kafka Streams
    7.2.Building Stream Processing Applications
    7.3.Stateful and Stateless Operations
    7.4.Windowing and Time Handling
    8.Kafka Connect
    8.1.Overview of Kafka Connect
    8.2.Source and Sink Connectors
    8.3.Configuring Connectors
    8.4.Building Custom Connectors
    9.Monitoring and Operations
    9.1.Kafka Monitoring Tools
    9.2.Metrics and Log Monitoring
    9.3.Managing Kafka Clusters
    9.4.Troubleshooting Issues
    10.Security and Authentication
    10.1.Kafka Security Overview
    10.2.SSL/TLS Encryption
    10.3.SASL Authentication
    10.4.Authorization and ACLs
    11.1.Resources and References
    11.2.Additional Reading Material
    11.3.Online Kafka Communities
    11.4.Useful Tools and Libraries
    11.5.Glossary of Kafka Terms
    11.6.About the author

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